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Building a website for dummies

Building a Website for Dummies...or how to start creating websites and have fun with it!

building a website for dummies


Some people are not very techy. Actually some people will never be techy. And why should they be? We should all do what we want to do best, don`t you agree?

"Building a website for dummies"...

is not meant to be rude in any way, but it is meant to attract those of you, who either don`t have time, or don`t want to put a lot of effort in building a website.

I enjoy preparing, building and optimizing websites. Thats why you should listen to what I have to say about creating websites.

1. You don`t need any money or skills to start publishing on Internet

Are you afraid you will need to spend lots of money for your first site? Thanks to technology, it has become extremely easy to express yourself on Internet.

The most popular things for beginners are blogs. I know blogs are here for a few years now, but do you have your own? Have you ever tried how easy it is to create a new blog post?

In case you havent, let me share a few places where building a website for dummies is completely FREE!

  • https://www.blogger.com/ - This one is extra easy to use. You get your own name like http://yourname.blogger.com and you can post your thoughts, photos right away. No money out of your wallet.
  • http://www.wetpaint.com/ - Now this one is little different, but don`t be afraid, this website is made for dummies and there is no way you can have trouble creating your own website here. So take some wet paint and do your magic!
  • http://wordpress.com/ - oh...Wordpress. I can`t believe this thing is free, because it is so good. It is a real joy to use it. I just love it! You need to try it!

There is looots of free providers. See a longer list of free blog hosts here .

Creating a dummies website for free is a super way to test if you like creating websites. If you don`t find joy in it, you haven`t spent a cent. But if you do, you will probably end up like me, charmed by Internet, websites and digital world...:)

2. When you are ready, you should buy your own domain name and hosting account

If you find passion in creating websites you will see you need to go on. Maybe you want to create a community site. Maybe you want to open an e-store. Who knows? But sooner or later you will feel you want something more.

The good thing is, you can learn and achieve almost anything you want today! Of course you can hire people to build your website. But you miss all the fun and joy!

You know, i once was a website dummie too. But I learned HTML, I learned some design and what is most important, I found out that learning is the key. If you focus on what you want to achieve you will achieve it!

So what I would suggest after making lots of websites is this:

If you have an idea for a website, business opportunity or anything else: reserve your domain name a.s.a.p. You can always build your website, but if domain name is gone, your idea could be gone too.

Next thing: get a decent hosting provider with super support. My current host saved me lots of trouble in just a few minutes. And they were very friendly too. You know, there is no website hosting sites for dummies. But there are lots of hosts that want to take your money away from you. Lots of my visitors complain to me about bad hosting experiences. So choose wisely.

3. Read a Book Building a website for Dummies

Don`t be mislead by the title. Building a Web Site for Dummies is a very well written book and even experienced webmasters find useful information in it. But what is most important about reading this book, is that you need to apply what you read about creating websites. If you read it in »I already know this, lets skip this chapter« style, you might miss the big picture. I also recommend you to read the other two books.


Building a Web Site
for Dummies
for Dummies
Creating web pages
for Dummies


Don`t forget to have fun with your website, and send me an email if you run into trouble!

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Frustrated with setting up your Wordpress Blog?

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